David Goggins

“Suffering is the true test of life.”

David Goggins is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, and former navy seal. He describes himself as the hardest motherf***er on the planet — and few people would disagree with that.

David’s your mentor if…

  • You are suffering — and want to learn how to use your suffering as fuel
  • You’re uncomfortable in your own skin, and want to learn how to develop a true confidence
  • You want to develop your toughness and inner shadow

David doesn’t have a book out — yet — but his incredible stories are easily found all over the web.

How does one truly earn the title of the toughest man on planet earth?

[Taken from his interview on Impulse Theory with Tom Bilyeu]

David Goggins…

  • Grew up in an abusive household 20 miles away from where the KKK was founded (and was called racial slurs every day)
  • Was bullied and graduated high-school with a 1.6 GPA and went on to work spraying for cockroaches
  • Has struggled with obesity, has sickle cell-trait, and has a hole in his heart the size of a poker chip

Despite all of this, he’s…

  • Completed BUDS (the training program you go through before becoming a navy seal, with a 75%+ dropout rate)…twice
  • Ran a 100-mile race despite collapsing at mile 70, where he had to tape his entire foot to finish the race
  • Trains like a machine every single day, rain, snow, or sunshine

How does he do it?

Here are some key lessons from David Goggins:

Callous the Mind

  • Build calluses in your brain the same way you build calluses on your hand. Situations in which you suffer make you stronger.
  • Strengthen your mind and your resolve by voluntarily putting yourself through situations in which you struggle.
  • You can only advance through suffering — that’s how you grow. The journey of suffering is the journey with the rewards you truly want.
  • If you’re willing to suffer, you can do anything.
  • Once you’ve overcome the reflection in the mirror, you have no more fear.

If you can get through to doing things that you hate to do, on the other side is greatness.

  • David hates running — but he does it anyways to callous his mind. He’s not training for a race, he’s training for life. He’s training that so when tragedy strikes, he doesn’t fall apart.
  • The Warrior Mentality: Looking uncertainty in the eye and saying “If I die, so be it.” It takes an entirely different mindset. If you’re scared to die, you’re a bad warrior.
  • If you truly want to change yourself, you have to do the things you hate.

Live Inside Yourself

  • We’re always reading about other people — we want to be like someone else. We don’t go inside and read our own story.

We’re writing a book every single day of our lives, but we never read that book.

  • When you blame other people, you’re not reading your own book. To fix yourself, place the blame on yourself first.
  • Make yourself uncomfortable every day of your life.
  • Bring your downfalls to a head. Only once you confront them can you control them. Never run from the truth — go towards it.
  • When people take out their insecurities on you, you’ve got to learn to flush it out. Throw it away.
  • You won’t find greatness by looking in a book or hearing a story. Those provide the stark, but you have to go inside yourself to find it.

  • Being the best needn’t be about being number one…it’s about leaving all you have out there.

Taking Souls

  • When your comfortable being uncomfortable, you make others who were uncomfortable in your same situation aware of their own shortcomings.

  • It’s easy to be great nowadays because most people are weak. If you can do it even though you don’t want to do it, you can win.

  • Rocky’s resilience here in this video is an example of taking Apollo Creed’s soul.

The Cookie Jar

  • Your cookie jar contains all the failures in your life that you came back from. Even the toughest of men forget about how tough they really are.
  • Whenever you’re thinking about how life sucks, you tap into your cookie jar. Reach into your cookie jar and pull out a cookie — a memory that reminds you of a time that you did make it through that tough situation.
  • Your cookie jar will remind you who you really are. You are a collection of the moments where you pushed through your suffering.
  • When you know what you’ve done and you’ve pushed past failure to succeed, you can sit back and reflect on the beauty of true willpower.

That’s my happiness — is my reflection on the suffering of my journey, knowing I never quit. Nor was I guded by anybody on this Earth. I was guided by something more powerful, and I listened,  and I chose the past of most resistance.


Talent not required.

Embrace your Dark Side

  • Even though you have your cookie jar, you have a jar of ****. It’s where everything isn’t going right.
  • David Goggins created Goggins — a split personality that he transforms into. Goggins is the guy that can take anything in front of him. Create a tougher version of your self.
  • Use your dark side to turn negative into positive. Use them as power pillars.
  • Develop your dark side and you can gain incredible power and resolve from it.
  • Whenever something bad happens to you, ask yourself: “How am I going to harness this?”
  • If you’re going to choose to do something difficult, you need to go all out and attack it. Most importantly, attack yourself.

Accountability Mirror

  • The only person who can turn your life around is you.
  • When you look in the mirror, you’ll find someone you can’t lie to.
  • If you do something you aren’t proud of, write it down on a sticky note where you can see it. Then, fix it.

Greatness is whatever the hell you dreamed of in your own mind.

  • Next time you’re facing failure, think “what if?” What if, despite the odds, you pushed through and won?

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